Empty Vessels Make Fertile Gardens

In a world of more, be less. More space means more time for what needs doing. Too much emphasis on the immediate, too little emphasis on the eventual. You are made for infinities and multitudes, yet you fill yourself up and become singular. Focus on true understanding, and momentary illusions will disappear. It is the emptiness within a pot that makes it useful, and it is the emptiness of the mind which makes it a worthwhile vessel.

United in Misery — A United Airlines Christmas Story

I would hope that you, my dear reader, have not had the extreme displeasure of flying on a United Airlines flight recently. If you have, perhaps you should turn away now, such that you might avoid triggering any latent traumatic memory material. This story is about a wonderful adventure with the ever-helpful airline, which commenced on Christmas Eve: December 24th, 2023. Sleepwalking into a horrible fate 4 A.M. rang my alarm.

A Meditation on Matcha

I often drink matcha. Matcha is a bright green powder ground from green tea leaves. Taking matcha powder and swirling it into water renders a luxuriant smooth tea. A cup of matcha, as imagined by Midjourney. This tea is something of substance — a suspension that would not be the same without its constituent components — a solid and a liquid blended into something entirely new.

Notes on Value Investing

This is a bundle of somewhat unstructured notes from a Twitter Spaces event about value investing. The Spaces event was put on by a good friend of mine, Jason Wong, almost a year ago (May 21st, 2022). While going through my notes recently, I realized that these bullets might be worth publishing if I could turn them into a slightly more readable document. This is about the best I could do.